Marine Warning

(Bangladesh Meteorological Department)

Cyclone Remal to make landfall at evening.
Cyclone Remal: Great danger signal number 10 for Mongla, Payra, signal number CPA-9

Cyclone Remal to reach Bangladesh by Sunday

  • First cyclone in the Bay of Bengal this pre-monsoon season
  • The cyclone could reach a wind speed of 102 kilometres per hour

A low-pressure system over the Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify and reach Bangladesh and adjoining India’s West Bengal coasts as a severe cyclonic storm by Sunday evening.The cyclone in the Bay of Bengal will be named “Remal”, according to a system of naming cyclones in the Indian Ocean region.

This is the first cyclone in the Bay of Bengal this pre-monsoon season,
The Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea are very warm at present, so a tropical cyclone can easily form,

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